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Anti-Warren Warriors

These national conservative donors are fired up to fire Elizabeth Warren! Direct response generated and driven, these Anti-Warren Warriors are committing to crushing Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential dreams by defeating her in her bid for re-election to the United States Senate. Motivated by a visceral dislike of Warren and everything she stands for, this current […]

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Kirk For Senate Donors

As the Democrats’ #1 target in the big 2016 election, Senator Mark Kirk amassed a strong donor base made up of a diverse group of Republicans who generously and steadily contributed to keep him the United States Senate as an independent-minded Republican voice. These donors knew what was at stake and chipped in to help […]

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Love These Gop Govs

Our exclusive Love These GOP Govs list is packed with extremely generous donors who support the Republican governors who are advancing conservative policies across the country. With an average contribution of $744, these donors are willing to dig deep to support bold Republican leaders who are committed to a reform-minded agenda.

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Paul Ryan Signature File

In addition to his many legislative accomplishments, Speaker Paul Ryan is a record-breaking fundraiser – with what is known as a magic signature. These grassroots donors were gleaned from letters signed by Speaker Paul Ryan on behalf of third party organizations. They understand how important it is to support Republican candidates and entities and will […]

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Romney For President Donors

This highly responsive list includes donors who passionately support the Republican principles of limited government, fiscal discipline, and free enterprise. These patriotic and politically active responsive direct mail donors from 2012 gave generously — often multiple times — because they “Believe in America.” No fans of President Obama’s liberal policies, these patriotic Americans passionately support […]

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Scott Walker Donors

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has won three big elections in four years in a blue state thanks in large part to these Republican donors. Hard-working and politically astute, they are willing to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to issues like collective bargaining, spending, jobs, taxes, the role and size of […]

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