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Handel For Congress

NOW INCLUDING GEORGIA NAMES. In 2017, Karen Handel became a national conservative hero when she defeated liberal darling Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s hotly contested Sixth District special election (the most expensive House race in history). She narrowly lost election to a full term in 2018 due to the predicted Blue Wave but is back, running […]

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Paul Ryan Donors

Speaker Paul Ryan’s tenure in Congress was marked by legislative victories based on the core tenets of the Republican Party: limited government, fiscal discipline, and personal freedom. He also happened to smash fundraising records. Direct response-driven, these patriotic donors respond to action-oriented leadership and are an ideal test for issue-driven candidates and causes, conservatives, and […]

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Braun For Senate Donors

Like the Senator himself, Mike Braun for Senate donors are unwavering in their support for a fiscally conservative agenda that does not continue to kick the can down the road. In 2018, they helped an outsider businessman defeat a well-connected incumbent to ensure the United States Senate remained in Republican control. They are not afraid […]

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